Mechanical Services & Design

LES can carry out the complete mechanical design of complex systems. Our team of highly qualified and experienced engineers can cover all your design needs including but not limited to piping, steel structures, static equipment and rotating equipment. All in accordance international design standards, such as ASTM, ASMES, API, B31.3. Designs for both brownfield and greenfield sites, including equipment and system rerates and full plant rehabilitation.

  • Mech Services and design (ASTM, ASME,API).
  • Static equipment sizing and specification. ie scrubbers, tower columns, heat exchangers.
  • Rotating equipment sizing and specification. ie turbo compressors, gas turbines, pumps, gas and diesel engines, air compressors.
  • Complex piping systems, Oil and Gas flow and transmission lines, water lines up to 42in.
  • Our engineers can supply full design packages. produce P&ID’s, schematics, detailed drawings using 3D CAD modeling including supply full MTO.
  • Project planning and project management.