Company description

SALP established in 2014 in Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq is a subsidiary of SALP SpA an Italian Company which is a leading contractor in Europe for providing solutions for natural gas networks. 

SALP Middle East draws on extensive experience of SALP SpA in Oil & Gas pipeline construction, oxygen pipelines and aqueducts. SALP provides services for Sewer Systems, Roads Projects, River Bank Protection, Soil Stabilization and Hydraulic Protection. We have an excellent pool of engineers and technicians along with equipment.

SALP has executed projects in Oil & Gas Sector both upstream and downstream including pipelines, flowlines, pump stations, loading and unloading stations, due to which we have a vast experience of dealing with diversified requirements in local market

Offerings and expertise

SALP SpA specializes in design, construction and maintenance of methane, oil, oxygen and water pipelines, of the relating systems as well as of the accessory works. Through years of experience and expertise, availability of advanced equipment and our team of engineers and technicians we are apt at performing special installation works.

Since its inception SALP SpA specialized in infrastructure works. Skills that have grown over time are Hydraulic and Land reclamation interventions, River works, stabilization and consolidation of land, naturalistic engineering works and road works.